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How to become a Poll Worker

Precinct Election Officials

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Call or email Crystal or Leann. Please include name, phone number, party affiliation (if any), and availability in email.

Precinct Election Manager – Crystal White (732-7489) email:
Precinct Election Manager – Leann Helton (732-7488) email:


A Precinct Election Official (PEO) is a properly registered voter in the County where they live who helps to ensure that all elections are conducted in a fair, honest, and transparent manner to help safeguard the integrity of the election process.

  • Prepare the precinct by setting up voting equipment
  • Greet the voters
  • Verify the registration and identification of the voters
  • Ensure the voters are provided the appropriate ballot
  • At the end of the day, the PEOs close the precinct and prepare the ballots and other election materials for delivery back to the County Board of Elections on election night.

There are generally four people who work in each Precinct.
In larger Precincts, the Board of Elections may add additional Precinct Elections Officials.
The four positions are:

Voting Location Manager
Responsible for the overall conduct of the election at the Precinct

Ballot Judge
Makes sure the Voter is given the appropriate Ballot and makes sure that all Ballots are secured until the end of the day

Recording Judge
Assists the Voting Location Manager and records the name of each Voter and corresponding ballot stub number (which are detached from the ballot)

Provisional Judge
Processes the Provisional Voters (Voters who have moved and not changed their name or address) and assists the Voting Location Manager with checking in Voters

The Polls open at 6:30 am on Election Day and close at 7:30 pm. This means that our Precinct Election Officials must be at the polls no later than 5:45 am to set up and will not be finished until about 8:00 pm or possibly later.

Election Day:  $130

Training (you must work Election Day to receive training pay):
In-person training:  $50
(or returning pollworkers can opt to complete online training only and receive $30)

Pollworkers returning the ballots and election supplies to the Board of Elections on election night will also receive compensation for travel costs.)

Becoming a Precinct Election Official (PEO) is an enjoyable and rewarding way to be part of the election process. As a PEO, you will play a vital role in the democratic process! Precinct Election Officials are the backbone of our election system and it can’t happen without PEOs!

You must be a registered voter in Clermont County and free of any felony convictions.
Call the Clermont County Board of Elections at 732-7275.

You must complete a 3-hour training before each election in which you participate.
A schedule of class dates and times is available during each election cycle.

All new pollworkers must complete in-person training before working their first election.

Below is a link to a supplemental course provided by the Ohio Secretary of State: