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Campaign Finance Guide

Chapter Contents

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Introduction (PDF)

1. Definitions (PDF)

2. Candidates (PDF)

3. Statewide and General Assembly Candidates (PDF)

4. Legislative Campaign Funds (PDF)

5. Political Party Accounts (PDF)

6. Political Action Committees (PDF)

7. Political Contributing Entities (PDF)

8. Ballot Issue Committees (PDF)

9. Businesses and Labor Organizations (PDF)

10. Electioneering Communication (PDF)

11. Electronic Filing of Campaign Finance Reports (PDF)

12. Disclaimers (PDF) (Updated September 2014)

13. Duties of the Secretary of State and County Boards of Elections (PDF)

14. Ohio Elections Commission (PDF)

15. Other Resources (PDF)

16. Transition Funds (PDF)

17. FAQs (PDF)

Statutes & Administrative Rules

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Download Filing Forms

Campaign Finance Contribution Limit Chart

Treasurer’s Check List

Reporting Calender